Are you a property owner? We offer independent advice about your roofing concerns.

  • A roofer has told you that you need a new roof, but you’re not sure and would like to have a second opinion.

  • You’ve had a new roof installed and are not happy with it. The roofer says it’s perfect, but you’re not sure.

  • Your old roof is looking tired, but you want to try and make it last another five years. You wonder if that is possible.

If any of these sound familiar, Roof Design and Management can help.

We’ll give you an honest, impartial opinion about the condition of an existing roof or the quality and compliance of a new roof. We can offer recommendations, and point you in the right direction if you do need roofer.

Roof Design and Management can also provide a maintenance plan, based on your budget and requirements.

Contact us today and see how we can help or view our services below.

Roof Design and Management, Browns Bay

Roof design and management

If you’re seeking to change the look of your house or commercial property, we can offer design options to suit your specifications and requirements.

Roof inspections

Sean Brandon founded Roof Design and Management in 2015 to provide customer-focused roofing diagnostics and recommendations. Our reports will objectively clarify the condition of existing roofs, and the quality and compliance of new roof installations.

Drones from from Roof Design and Management


Whenever possible, we use drones to provide low-risk, high-quality photography of roofs.

We also supply a great range of drones for both business and leisure purposes: from waterproof, splash drones for fishing to top-end photography drones for serious enthusiasts. Contact us for a quotation.

How can we help?

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